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Bonjour, my name is Olfa and I live in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada! Yes I speak French and English (with a beautiful French accent, according to my friends). The rest of the OurFamilyWorld team lives in the US. No worries, you won’t need a passport to read OurFamilyWorld!  Our readers primarily live in the US and Canada.

I am married to the love of my life. We have 2 wonderful children ages 6 and 12. My 12-year-old was born with severe strabismus. It was a challenge for him. It was not easy but we had to step up and do everything we could to give him a normal childhood. Today he is 12, soon 13. After three surgeries, his eyes are looking perfect and his glasses make him a charming little man. However, the strabismus left him without a 3-D perception, made him start walking late and seriously altered his motor development. These secondary effects made us go through all kinds of therapies in order to help him be just as normal as his fellows. Even though the therapies worked well for him, he is still left with minor handicaps: he cannot run as fast as the other kids, he cannot play with soccer balls. These handicaps led to bullying at school and to all other kind of problems. That is one of the reason Our Family World is so passionate about spreading the word about  bullying.

Despite our challenges, we feel lucky because we realize that others went through worse, much worse. Many of them managed to deal so well with their problems while others were not as lucky. Today I decided to share our love, joy and happiness with you. I would also like to learn from your own experiences and bring them to other families that would certainly appreciate it.

As you can see, this website is about a family who cares about other families. I would like to share with you what we learned during our last ten years raising our kids and working hard to keep our family happy and healthy. I also would like to learn from you and share what we learn with other families. Together, we can help as many families as possible. I would like this website to help families managing day-to-day life. Sharing tips on how to ease your budget, how to have fun with your kids while playing with them and how to make each day a great one.


Interesting and Fun Facts about Me

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I can be hilarious and serious at the same time. You will always have a laugh with me and there is always a dose of humor in my discussion!

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