10 Interesting Green Ideas for Earth day

by Olfa Turki


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Protecting our planet is a serious issue today. This is the reason why April 22 is celebrated as the Earth Day all across the world. This is an opportunity to spread the awareness around and do your bit for your planet. Have you thought about what you are going to do this year on the Earth Day? Just give careful thought and see if whatever you are doing is actually going to make a difference. Why not plan things differently and follow some great ideas to celebrate Earth Day and do your bit to save the blue planet.

10 Interesting Green Ideas for Earth day

Take a look at some cool ideas for the Earth day and how you can make a real difference.

1.  Plant trees and have a picnic. Trees are one of the most important living things on the planet. They not only provide us with shelter on sunny days, they help make oxygen so we can all breathe easier! After you’ve done your part to replenish the Earth’s supply of trees, head to the nearest garden and have a picnic!

Green ideas for Earth day: Have a Picnic

2.  Recycling is another great way to celebrate Earth day. Get kids involved and check out some products that can be recycled. Gather up all your glass, paper, and plastic, then head to your nearest recycling plant. Talk to your children about why it’s so important.

Green ideas for Earth day: Recycle

3. Reduce waste for the day.  Avoid wasting food or buying anything in a package. Challenge yourselves to avoid foods that come in wrappers, disposable napkins, and other wasteful products.

4. Go meatless! Avoid meat for the day and pave the way for a healthy environment. Instead, try some delicious salads or eggplant recipes. Even better, start a new routine and eliminate meat from your diet at least once a week.

Green ideas for Earth day: Go Meatless!

5. Unplug! Turn off your television, video games, and other electronics for the day. Avoid using your hot water as much as possible too! Basically, anything that uses electricity is out! It’s just for one day, you can do it. Pretend you’re living in Little House on the Prairie times

6.  Walk to your office  on the Earth day to save on gas. Just imagine the amount of fuel saved if everyone one avoided using their autos for just a day. Plus, it’s great exercise! If you live too far, or walking isn’t feasible, try carpooling with friends or coworkers.

Green ideas for Earth day: Unplug!

7.   Eat eco-snacks. You can prepare healthy eco-friendly snacks at at home by using peanuts, raisins, almonds or using locally grown produce. Try making your own granola bars too!

Green ideas for Earth day: Walk to work!

8.  Read a good book on the environment. Gather the family and read together. Ask each family member to give their contribution and share their thoughts on the Earth day. There are some really great books on preserving the Earth for children and adults!

Eco-Friendly Earth Day Snacks

9. Get energy efficient CFL’s for your home and see how you can save energy on other appliances. Use solar energy wherever possible. Did you know that one CFL bulb can last as long as 8 regular old light bulbs? They’re not only great for the environment, they’re also great for saving money!

 photo 518GERajOL_SX285__zps3879b53d.jpg
CFL Bulbs

10.  See how you can turn all that trash in your home into a useful product. It could be an old sofa, garment or whatever. The idea is to think outside the box and discover new ways to turn trash into treasure. For example, a coffee can can become a fabulous new toy container with a little decorating and imagination!

Get creative as every little effort counts here. Don’t think that your efforts will go to waste because of its miniscule size. Whatever you do, it does count and will go a long way in helping Mother Nature and to sustain life on the planet. Participate in this earth friendly activities, have fun and make a difference in the world around you.

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