3D Sticker Fun and A Buzzing Good Cooperative Game + Givewaway: US only

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My kids love to play games and have fun; I love when they can have fun, play games and learn all at the same time. Peaceable Kingdom makes that possible! The company was created in 1983 to inspire, educate and create fun items for children. Their mission is to make good, do good and be good. They are extremely charitable by frequently giving to charitable organizations for children, and they also use high quality, eco-friendly materials to make their products. To date, they have created over 5,000 products and are a leader in juvenile stickers, greeting cards, and cooperative games

Peaceable Kingdom Stickers and Games: Fun For the Whole Family

We received two wonderful items to review:

Zoom! 3D stickers

Peaceable Kingdom Zoom!  3-D Stickers

We chose the Zoom! stickers because my kids absolutely love vehicles; and these did not disappoint! The pack comes with a pair of 3D glasses and 5 stickers that come to life when the glasses are put on. I asked my older son which sticker he liked the most and here was his response “well mom, I like them all, they are all different and fun” – Ethan, 7. 

Peaceable Kingdom Zoom!  3-D Stickers

Here is my son playing with the stickers, he had so much fun sticking them on a piece of paper, looking at them with the glasses and seeing them come to life. He drew a road and has the car sticker driving down the road, he was definitely proud of his creation, and seeing it in 3D made even more exciting for him! 

Playing with Zoom 3D Stickers from Peaceable Kingdom

My son loves these stickers and loved creating “scenes” with them and watching them come alive with the 3D glasses! It’s always great when kids can be creative and this is definitely one of those times they can do so as well as seeing the stickers in action! There are so many sticker sets to choose from and they are available for only $2.00 each.

Getting up close with Peaceable Kingdom's Zoom 3D Stickers

Buzz! Cooperative Board Game

Buzz! The Bizzy Buzzy Beat-The-Bear Cooperative Board Game by Peaceable Kingdom

 This cooperative game, Buzz!, is so much fun for kids to play and learn! What is a cooperative game, you wonder? A cooperative game is a game where all players play together against a common obstacle, not against each other. This way kids will not get frustrated because they “lose” and everyone works together as a team to reach a goal.

The idea of this game is to get the nectar (your colored circles) into the baskets before the bear gets to the hive! If someone gets their nectar in their basket before the bear gets to the hive, everyone wins!! You’re basically playing against the bear, instead of against each other. When playing with a 7 year old, this makes for a harmonious situation! 🙂


We all had a great time playing the game and beating the bear!

Here are some pictures of what the board looks like set up and ready to play:

Playing Buzz by Peaceable Kingdom

As you can see, you place the colored circles on their respective flowers and those will be collected by the player as the die is rolled.

Playing Buzz by Peaceable Kingdom

 My younger son is two years old and he also has a lot of fun with this game. We go over the colors, the animals (which, he tends to run off with the bear) and he loves to point out the circles and flowers. This game is ideal for children ages 5 and up and is sure to bring a great amount of fun to your house. Buzz! is available for purchase and is only $17.99.

We highly recommend the 3D stickers as well as the Buzz! board game as my son really enjoyed and had a lot of fun with both of them!

How to Buy:

Head over to their website, HERE, to purchase this fun game as well as a wide variety of other great products!

The 3D, Glow in the Dark stickers retail for only $7.99


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Disclosure: Our team received a sample for the purpose of the review.

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