Being Scrap Savvy: Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Wreath!

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Valentine's Day Wreath

Christmas is behind us, and when you took down your lights and tree you may have taken down your front door Christmas wreath as well. Perhaps your home is looking a little bland these days, and in need of a little festive color and decor? Although Christmas is just a memory now, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Nothing adds richness like reds and pinks splashed throughout the house, adding festive charm and announcing the arrival of the season for sweethearts! This Valentine’s Day, why not attempt your own Valentine’s Day wreath?

A recent shopping trip revealed that front door Valentine’s Day wreaths are selling as high as $50, even at discount stores! And while these wreaths are beautiful and invite the Valentine’s Day spirit in, they can also empty your wallet in the process! So this Valentine’s Day, why not design your own wreath using items you already have around the house? Leftover fabric and even yarn and scrap paper can help you whip up a wreath that is beautiful, or whimsical, or just lets everyone who enters know Valentine’s Day is here! Not crafty? No problem. This DIY wreath featured today is simple enough that even someone without any crafting experience will come out looking like a pro!

Simple Supply List for Your Valentine’s Day Wreath

  • Foam Wreath Form (These can be found in an 8 inch size at your local dollar store. Or, you can find 12-18 inch foam wreath forms at Hobby Lobby for $4.99. Be sure to take your 40% coupon with you when you go!)
  • Craft Glue. (Any brand will do, most run around $2.99 a bottle.)
  • Scrap fabric, yarn, scrap paper (Amount needed depends on the size wreath you are making. One yard should be enough fabric, however with yarn you will want several skeins of it. )
  • Ribbon or additional fabric to hang.


  • If using fabric, you will cut it or even just tear it into long strips. You can leave yarn as is.
  • Put a small dab of glue on the inside of your wreath.
  • Attach the end of one of your strips or yarn to the glue dot and wait until it is secure.
  • Start wrapping! There is no wrong way to do this. Just repeatedly wrap your fabric or yarn around the form until it is covered.
  • When your piece of fabric or yarn is out and you need to start a new piece, just add a small drop of glue and secure the new piece into place.
  • Once your form is covered, secure the last piece with glue and allow an hour or so to set.
  • Use your ribbon or even another strip of fabric to hang.
  • Use your scrap paper, fabric scraps, and ribbon to start embellishing! There is no right or wrong way!
  • Stand back and admire your new Valentine’s Day wreath! How fun was that?

Tips and Tricks:

Remember this is supposed to be fun! Take your time and avoid rushing. You won’t want to have to take all of your yarn or fabric off and start over. So take your time, making sure it is wrapping on just how you want it. If you don’t have glue on hand, small push pins can be used to secure the fabric into place as well. Why not invite friends over and complete this Valentine’s Day Wreath craft as a group? It is sure to make for a fun time!

Looking for more?

You can add even more Valentine’s Day magic if you wish!  A dusting of glitter can add some pizzazz, as can a thick colorful ribbon. Your options are endless! For less than the cost of a few bags of conversation hearts, you can whip up your own Valentine’s Day wreath! Display it with pride and store it carefully at the conclusion of the season so you can enjoy it for years to come!

You also may enjoy this little DIY Valentine’s Day Pencil Toppers craft. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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