Crafty Canes: DIY Cereal Candy Canes Make Great Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Christmas crafts for kids: DIY Cereal Candy Canes
Doesn’t it seem like there is always something to do during the holidays? Whether it be addressing Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, or just checking off your lists, the small tasks can really add up.

What you need is  fun and child friendly Christmas crafts for kids to keep your own little elves occupied while you get your task at hand done. Or better yet, why not just take ten minutes away from all of the holiday hustle and bustle and join them?

These cereal candy cane ornaments are not only delightful to make, they make for a healthy snack when they are all finished. With just a few basic supplies and a few minutes, you too can whip these up to enjoy. Here is what you will need:

Simple Supply List:
Christmas crafts for kids: DIY Cereal Candy Canes

  • Several cups of Apple O’s cereal (The generic variety can be purchased for less than $2.50 a box at  your local Walmart.)
  • Pipe cleaners or crafting wire (Available in packs of 12 at the local dollar store for $1.00.)
  • String or yarn to hang (Look for items you already have, leftover craft yarn, shoestrings, or wrapping ribbon do just fine!)

Directions for Cereal Candy Cane Christmas Crafts for Kids

  • First, create a clean work space. Since you are dealing with food you will want to have a clean and disinfected tabletop as well as clean little hands.
  • Pour cereal into small bowls or onto napkins to make it easier for each child to access it. This way they won’t have to be reaching into the cereal box.
  • Give each child a wire or pipe cleaner and have the gently curve the top so that it resembles a candy cane shape. This may take a few attempts, so just keep encouraging them!
  • Once they have the desired shape, have them string on one piece of the cereal. After they put the first piece on, they should gently bend the edge of the wire over it to act as a “stopper.”
  • Have them repeat this process, alternating colors if they would like, until their wire is full and a candy cane look is achieved.
  • Once they put the last piece on, have them gently bend the end of the remaining wire to keep the candy cane intact.
  • Last, add the ribbon or yarn to the top of the candy cane and admire all of their hard work!
  • These candy canes can be hung on the tree and admired as the holiday goes on, or they can be enjoyed as an immediate snacks.

    Tips and Tricks:

    If you choose to eat your candy canes, you should do so soon after creating as they can get stale or contaminated. If you decide to hang it on the tree be sure to talk with little ones about the fact that it is a decoration only now. While these are very cute, you will not want to try to store these to pull out as a memory object next year. While they won’t rot, they will entice critters to sneak into your attics and basements to take a nibble!

Looking for more?

If you would like to extend this activity further, why not take a peek at the book, The Legend of the Candy Cane, by Lori Walburg? Or, you might prefer The Candy Maker’s Gift, by David and Helen Haidel. Both can be found at Amazon for as low as $10.00.

So gather up your little ones, a few supplies, and head to the table. This is a great activity that will be sure to entice smiles and no doubt create some beautiful holiday memories.

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  1. What a fun and easy idea! My kids would love this!

  2. My son would love to make that Candy Cane. Great idea!

  3. This is an awesome craft that also helps teach manual dexterity – I love it!

  4. this is the perfect craft for the younger crowd. thx for sharing

  5. That is such a great craft idea. My girls would love it. I need to pin it to remember to do this yet this holiday!!

  6. Jaime Nicole says:

    How adorable! These would be fun and inexpensive to make with my girls!

  7. What a cute and simple craft to keep them occupied! Thanks for sharing.


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    DIY Cereal Candy Canes Make Great Christmas Crafts for Kids

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