{Review} Tiny Love Super Mat Perfect for Parents on the Go

Tiny Love Super Mat
Tiny Love has come up with a great solution for parents on the go, or just looking to entertain their babies comfortably at home. The Super Mat is sure to be an entertainment item and very useful for your little ones!
- Extra-large developmental playground
- Adjustable stand-alone mirror for extensive tummy-time play
- Long-lasting portable product with multiple indoor and outdoor uses
The Super Mat is great for cognitive learning, fine motor skills and use of senses. It has the following activities for babies on the mat:
- Tiny ring for attaching extra toy
- ‘Pull-me’ spiral
- Soothing teether
- Put in/take out crinkly pocket
- Multiple textures
- Adjustable mirror
- Engaging peek-a-boo elephant ear
- Horn
When I first removed it from the package my reaction was this:
“WOW, this really is a ‘super’ mat – it is huge!”
As you can see in the picture below, I am not kidding, it is very large with a lot of space for baby to comfortably play:

Baby in a Tiny Love Super Mat

My little princess is 10 weeks in the photo, she is average size and still has plenty of growing that she can do and still use this fun play mat. Just so you can get an idea of how big the mat is, my two boys decided to join in the fun and play with their sissy for a little bit. They are 6 and 23 months and off the charts for height…yet they still have room on the mat to play!

3 kids sitting on a Tiny Love Super Mat

Here is my little chick pea looking at herself in the mirror:

baby looking at herself in a Tiny Love Supermat

She had so much fun exploring on the mat. It is great for tummy time too, although, she is a little young to really enjoy tummy time, but she manages to hang in for about 10-15 minutes at a time!
My 23 month old son had a blast with the mat too, showing his sissy how to work everything and listening to the crinkle sounds, beeping the horn and looking in the mirror!
It is recommended for babies ages 0+ and is very easy to fold and take anywhere with you! This is perfect if you are traveling for the holidays and need a safe place to lay bay down to play.
This Super Mat is perfect for any baby, its colorful, entertaining, comfortable and extremely portable. We highly recommend this wonderful product, it will get a lot of use for sure!
How to Buy:
You can purchaseĀ the Super MatĀ and other great baby items from the Tiny Love website as well as from stores that carry Tiny Love products or Amazon
Follow Tiny Love on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!
Disclosure: an item was provided to facilitate the review. No monetary compensation received
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  1. I love Tiny Love products in general and this one looks great! Love how big it is.

  2. That is adorable!! I love Tiny Love!!

  3. We have one of these mats and love it! It really is handy for traveling.

  4. That mirror is cute!!! What a cute baby! Makes me want another!!!

  5. That mat is huge! I have never heard of this company, but it looks like a great place to play!

  6. That is so cute and a LOT bigger than I was expecting it to be! Which is even BETTER. The play mats I always got were a lot smaller and baby always rolled right off when she rolled over. This definitely allows for a lot more room to play around. I really like it.

  7. Looks great! I don’t have this but am a huge fan of Tiny Love products!

  8. That is very cute!


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