Parker IM Pens: Great Christmas Gifts for Men

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Great Christmas Gifts for Men
When it comes to Christmas Gifts for men, I really don’t know what to buy. I browse the web, the flyers and I always end up buying the same gifts for my man: some gadget for the phone or the computer! It can be great the first year but after 15 years of marriage,  I decided to go for a change! I am going to get him a nice Parker Pen!

Why a Parker Pen? My husband is in sales and he is always meeting clients and signing documents! He never had a nice and elegant pen. He either borrows a pen from the client (shameful) or uses a pen borrowed from my son’s  school supply (double shameful).  He never took the time to shop for a stylish and elegant pen! I believe that an elegant pen such as Parker’s makes a great impression.


Parker IM Chiseled Gunmetal Ballpoint Pen : Great Christmas Gifts for men ( and women too)

The pen comes into a nice box!
Parker Pens: Great Christmas Gifts for men
My husband (who got his Christmas gift way too early) was excited to open the box.  It was a nice ballpoint metallic pen. It came with a Parker Refill. My husband was happy to assemble it. It took only few seconds to do so! I wish there were some instructions on how to add the refill because I am not a techy person at all but I guess it is so easy that anyone (except me) can do it!

As soon as he assembled the Parker IM pen, he tried it! The pen offers a smooth writing experience, while being hard-wearing and reliable. He started writing with it. He found it provided him with a great handwriting! What do you think?

Parker IM Pens: Great Christmas Gifts for men
I tried the Parker IM too, and also found that it offered a smooth-writing and stylish experience. It is simple and elegant. It writes well and does not leave ink blotches. I found out it is slightly heavy if I wrote with the cap on it! This is because I have tiny hands! But my husband found it was perfect for his hands! It didn’t slip!

Parker IM Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 5.5 inches
  • Material: Plastic and metal
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Medium Point
  • Black ink
  • the Parker IM comes in a variety of chrome finishes and a full range of models including fountain pen, ballpoint and roller ball.
  • The IM models are available in many colours and finishes including Premium Etched Matte (black, metallic and pink) and Chiseled Chrome or Gunmetal.


The Parker Pen is the perfect gift for the holidays. I think their pens make great Christmas gifts for men! It can also be a great gift for the teachers too. I ordered one for my son’s teacher. I am sure he will love it!

Now I need to find another great Christmas gift idea for men. My husband got an early gift and I want to surprise him with another one! Do you have any suggestions for Great Christmas Gifts for men?

Where to buy?

The Parker IM, along with many other models of Parker pens, is available at Staples and throughout Canada at fine writing retailers with prices ranging from $18 to $80 depending on the model of choice. For more information, visit  It is also available on Amazon

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