4 Earth Day activities for kids

Earth Day is around the corner. It is the perfect timing to teach kids about eco-friendly habits that help them grow in a safer environment . Here is a list of Earth Day activities that are fun for all the family members

4 Earth Day Activities for kids

1- Gardening

You don’t have to be an expert to start gardening. Kids can start by planting a tree, flowers, taking some leaves. Some communities offer a free tree on Earth Day. It could be a great way to start gardening. You can buy some seeds and help them planting their favorite vegetables. Kids can watch them grow and will be more enticed to eat those veggies. These are great activities for kids.

2- Recycling

For Earth Day, you can help your kids start their spring cleaning in their rooms. Provide them with 2 bins:

  • One for items that they no longer use and are good for the recycle bin such as old crafts made of paper, toys in a bad shape.
  • One for items that they no longer use but good enough for charity. You can give outgrown clothes, toys in a good shape.

3- Reusing

  • You can teach them reusing by decorating a cereal box and using it as a mini storage box.
  • They can put leftovers in a container instead of wrapping.
  • They can use tomato can in the garden to plant some seeds.
  • They can decorate some bags and turning them into gift bags.
  • They can help you clean the fridge and suggest meal ideas from the leftovers or the veggies.

4- Walk to school

If you have the time and the school is not too far, you can walk with them to the school instead of driving. It is a good exercise for all the family members and helps developing eco-friendly habits. You can even ride your bikes. It will be a fun ride and great way to support Earth Day.

These activities for kids are not only for Earth Day. You can perform them all over the year and develop eco-friendly habits. You can find other great Earth Day activities for kids on Earth Day Network. Let’s raise responsible adults in a greener environment.

Image source: http://www.life123.com/holidays/more-holidays/april-holidays/earth-day-activities-for-kids.shtml

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  1. These are great ideas! So simple and yet so great for our planet! It’s just about making small changes that can have a big impact!

  2. My family is very earth friendly and recycle everthing!

  3. I always gardened with my kids when they were little. Now if I could just get them out there to help me now that they are teenagers!


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