The wonderful island of Puerto Rico

 My husband is a lucky man (because he married me of course) and because he travels a lot to sunny destinations. Few weeks ago he went on a business trip to Puerto Rico. While I was running around with the kids and shoveling the snow he was enjoying a sunny weather . Life is not fair sometimes. But this is the nature of his business, 4 times a year, he attends conferences. These meetings are scheduled in great destinations.

He stayed at his nice hotel situated at the top of a hill. It has a breathtaking view on the ocean wherever you are in the site.  As much as I love snow (because we can out skiing with the kids), I miss the sun in the winter.


As you can see below, there is an island in the ocean. It is a private one. It would be a great place to relax and unplug. What do you think? Don’t you want to take some time away from laundry, grocery and all the house chores? It would replenish the spark in your relationships. We all know that the daily routine can be a great stress to our relationships.
The hotel has multiple pools and hot tubs making relaxation enjoyable.


El Contestador has its own marina. A ferry will transport you to the resort beach that is located on island few miles away.


To get to the marina level, you would need to ride a railing lift as no stairs are available. I am not sure I will take it. I am so afraid of heights and lifts. Each time I wonder how I am going to take the chairlift when I go skiing.


Isn’t that relaxing and breathtaking! It is better than shoveling the snow. I would spend the day reading a book and watching the kids playing with the sand. I would like to spend a month on this island but staying at hotel for a long period is so expensive. I will probably rent a property with a wonderful view! Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals have a great choice that will fit my family needs


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Olfa Turki is a chartered accountant, a wife and a mom! She started her journey a few years ago when she decided to have a business of her own . She loves cooking with the kids, biking, reading books and drinking lots of coffee!


  1. Lena - @elenka29 says:

    OMG – so awesomely looking place. Do you ever get to go with him?

  2. That is so beautiful!! My camera never takes such great pics, but the clouds feel like they are moving in these!!

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