Egg-ceptional activities for kids with plastic Easter eggs

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Easter is just around the corner. And I know that you have an abundance of those cheap plastic eggs hiding in your room waiting for your kids Easter basket. You may be asking what you should put in those eggs: I have some after Easter activities for kids.

Egg-Ceptional Easter activities for kids

  • This holiday is made for the preschoolers and toddlers. They get such a kick out of finding the eggs that the bunny left. For fillers the most basic things will still have a big impact. For alternatives to candy you could try these fillers: Easter stickers, temporary tattoos, tiny stuffed animals, mini bubble containers, toy cars, or sidewalk chalk. After Easter, you can reuse the eggs when you go to the store. Place a few eggs in your bag with some prizes inside that you approve. If you have a ‘good’ store trip, they get to pick an toy egg. This avoids the mom-can-I’s at the checkout. They know you will reward them when you get to the car. Those are fun activities for kids under 5.
  • Early grade school children still have fun hunting eggs. You need to hide them a little harder though. To make it challenging the Easter Bunny might send them on a special hunt with clues. Leave the first egg on their pillow with a clue to the next egg and little prize. After following several clues they should arrive where their Easter Basket is hid. After Easter, they will like the store eggs as much as the younger set. The empty Easter egg is also good for storing hair ties, special rocks they want to keep, and a myriad of other things. Let their imagination go wild for those activities for kids.
  • Upper grade school children might still enjoy the hunt if the prize is right. My girls, at that age, loved prizes in the form of gift certificates. Included were: 1 night free of chores, 1 free ice cream cone for just you and mom, and you choose supper. After Easter, use an empty Easter egg make rice crispy treats in and storing modeling clay, earrings or hair ties.
  • Tweens and Teens think they are too old for egg hunts. They might still hide the eggs for younger siblings though. I am going to hide plastic Easter eggs for my ‘big’ kids this year. I have six eggs for each child that I will hide with each of their names on them. I will hide them in places like their laundry baskets and sock drawer. I have a five dollar bill, movie rental coupons, and hair bows (for the girls) to stuff the eggs. Later I am sure one or two eggs will make their way into my daughter’s purse to hold her migraine medicine or some hair ties. One half a small plastic Easter egg is perfect for cutting the centers out of biscuits to make easy homemade donuts.
So have fun this Easter with entire family playing those activities for kids. Celebrate being together!
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  1. I love these ideas, I have a 2, 7, and 12 year old so I have to have many diffrent ideas up my sleeve. Some of these I never thought about. THanks

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